This article talks about six Continuing Education Trends for adults. The first is about “Specialized Generalist” which is how adults need to be specialists in a field as well as have a general set of needed skills. Adults can build on their existing skill set to be more marketable in the future while maintaining their current abilities. It speaks specifically about “soft” skills being in high demand. They also speak about online learners can keep up to date with their skills. How you can grow your expertise without having to leave the house, therefore saving time and energy. Which is what I am doing. Then they talk about “intrepreneurship” how staff can approach problems with a different mindset. Continuing Education can teach people to think with a “intrapenuereal” mindset. Then they talk about how business’s loose billions of dollars per year due to not finding staff with the right skills. And then there is the “STEM” problem. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math growth is moving so fast and business’s are finding there are not enough qualified staff to interpret the data. Finally there are many people who cannot afford to retire and so they are starting a second career and need training or education or skills to do so. I found this article interesting because some of it I relate to. I am taking this course to ensure I can continue on to my second career and I have some skills for the work but I need more.



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