8 Important Characteristics of Adult Learners


I found this article very meaningful for me and for my students. I have found that no matter what course I am teaching that my students crave practical ideas. What I mean is that if I can offer them ideas to entertain the children in their care they respond with great interest. I know that the theory is important for them as well but I know that they relate to the hands on information very well. Therefore I try each day I am with them to offer an idea to them that will help them practically as well as theoretically. This article talks about this in number 2. The other tips I got from this article is number 6 in that I need to keep my material though provoking and relevant to them and their career today as most of them are doing the work now and are learning the techniques and theory at the same time. I also feel that number 7 is true. As I sit here I know I have jobs to do at home and for both of my works, with the children and with the adult learners. I’m sure they too feel the pressure to keep it all afloat.


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