Skype Call With Partner

After Days of missing each other my learning partner and I finally spoke tonight. Our first conversation was about Trends in our fields. Trends in her field were about how after a bit of a boom her city government was struggling to ensure each penny went to the best possible place and how to make dollars stretch. We also talked about how She would like to spread to word of encouraging people to get involved in local government. How infrastructure was needing attention and how cost were rising but taxes must also. We then spoke about the trends in adult education she read about which were similar to my article with the “soft” skills being in high demand. That in the text book it talked about how change in the world where information doubles every two years and on the web it doubles every 90 days. Also her article mentioned how telling a story to students would help them feel they could relate to the information and how video tools were more popular and I mentioned that I used youtube sometimes in class. We then spoke about how our roles/responsibilities would change and she spoke about how she felt that things would become more balanced and that she could transfer her experience to others so they could gain wisdom from her experience.


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