Digital Project Reactions

I. Case Studies by Tim S. [powtoon]

~I found it was just a hand writing on pretend paper. I feel it would be more interesting than just me writing on paper. I’m not sure how a student would find it.

2. Learning Logs by Donna F. [infographic]

~It was a poster page. Very informative.

3. Field Trips by Troy W. [powtoon]

~It was a fabulous cartoon. Loved it, wish I could do it.

4. Dyadic Interviews by Adam N. [piktochart]

~This was [not surprisingly] amazing! Adam is very talented with a computer.

5. Experiential Learning by Angela R. [simulation]

~This was impressive, I enjoyed it and I might actually try it.

6. Chunk & Chew by Jacqueline [mysimpleshow]

~This was simple and informative and fun. I enjoyed it and want to try it

7. Gamification by Shirley T. [prezi]

~This was also very impressive and way beyond my skill level but I loved it.


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