Brookfield – Chapter 9

I was quite surprised at the way this chapter put me off. I was surprised at the strength of the message Brookfield was sending. I certainly was disappointed in how he chose to address this issue. I was expecting him to offer insights into how to teach others about Racism but really he seemed to simply try to convince the reader that we were all secret racists. I am aware that he is speaking from a European-American point of view so perhaps that is why? I must say that I have really enjoyed all the other chapters I have read so far but this one was not great for me. I personally teach mostly adults from Asian cultures and as a Canadian I was not taught racism as a child but perhaps that is why I see my students as Canadians and nothing else. According to Wikipedia, Canada is no better historically than other countries so maybe I am wrong. I guess I just have to continue to keep this on my mind and ensure I continue to treat my students with great respect. Here is a link to the Wikipedia information I found.




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