Program Evaluation/Accreditation

I have read an article that talks about how Trinity Western University has lost the possibility for Accreditation do its religious covenant that disallows sexual conduct outside a heterosexual marriage. It states that individuals who do not believe in heterosexual marriage are allowed to attend the school but must sign the covenant first. The Upper Law Society of Canada’s ruling was upheld by the Ontario Divisional Court. Here is the link to the story: article.

Clearly the issue was the discrimination clause, which is disgusting in 2017. There are many Christian organizations that have accepted the rights of everyone to be who they are. TWU maintains that their religious beliefs are being denied but I feel those “rights” a racist.

The College I work at Capital College in Richmond B.C. is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education and American Montessori Society. It is a Private Training Institution in B.C. It is also accredited through the Early Childhood Education licensing of British Columbia.

Here is a link to the MACTE Accreditation process page : MACTE

Here is a link to the PTIA information: PTIA

Here is a link the the AMS Accreditation process page: AMS



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