Professional Development Plan


Professional Development Plan:  Candiss Brown


I plan on completing the PIDP by the end of September [a month behind where I had hoped]. I will continue to work at my Montessori school, four days per week and I have accepted a new position with my college as the Director of the Infant Toddler Program as well as continuing as an instructor there. I also am currently seeking a full-time position instructing in the Infant Toddler field. I also plan on continuing my education by applying for a Bachelor’s in Early Education. I have not found where due to time but I do want to do it online because I have had such a great experience at VCC. I do plan on applying to VCC to try for a teaching position in their E.C.E. program. My current college [Capital College in Richmond] has said that by next year the Director position will be full-time and so I may be working there as a full-time as well as part-time instructing. That part I am not sure about at this point.




Amazing book! Chapter #6

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I would like to comment on a quote from Chapter 6 on The Skillful Teacher, I found it very interesting. “an abused method calls into question the expertise of those abusing it, not the validity of the method itself. The challenge is to make our lectures as helpful, enlivening and critically stimulating as possible.” [Brookfield, pg.70] I love the clear concise commitment he has to his writing. It is the lecturer that is the problem not the method in my opinion also. Here is a link to a site with some AMAZING teaching method tips. [P.S. they may seem familiar]     link  I also found a site with 150 teaching methods! link




Program Evaluation/Accreditation

I have read an article that talks about how Trinity Western University has lost the possibility for Accreditation do its religious covenant that disallows sexual conduct outside a heterosexual marriage. It states that individuals who do not believe in heterosexual marriage are allowed to attend the school but must sign the covenant first. The Upper Law Society of Canada’s ruling was upheld by the Ontario Divisional Court. Here is the link to the story: article.

Clearly the issue was the discrimination clause, which is disgusting in 2017. There are many Christian organizations that have accepted the rights of everyone to be who they are. TWU maintains that their religious beliefs are being denied but I feel those “rights” a racist.

The College I work at Capital College in Richmond B.C. is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education and American Montessori Society. It is a Private Training Institution in B.C. It is also accredited through the Early Childhood Education licensing of British Columbia.

Here is a link to the MACTE Accreditation process page : MACTE

Here is a link to the PTIA information: PTIA

Here is a link the the AMS Accreditation process page: AMS


Brookfield – Chapter 16

What struck me when I read this chapter was not that I had encountered resistance in my students because they are in fact very focused and involved in their studies. My students are in my courses because they want to become Infant Toddler Teachers and they want to improve the lives of children so they want very much to learn what I am teaching. What surprised me was that I am resistant to learning. I am afraid of change! I find learning and growing during this PIDP course very uncomfortable! Wow I really am surprised about the feelings that this chapter brought up for me. I found this article very helpful in understanding myself better.



Brookfield – Chapter 9

I was quite surprised at the way this chapter put me off. I was surprised at the strength of the message Brookfield was sending. I certainly was disappointed in how he chose to address this issue. I was expecting him to offer insights into how to teach others about Racism but really he seemed to simply try to convince the reader that we were all secret racists. I am aware that he is speaking from a European-American point of view so perhaps that is why? I must say that I have really enjoyed all the other chapters I have read so far but this one was not great for me. I personally teach mostly adults from Asian cultures and as a Canadian I was not taught racism as a child but perhaps that is why I see my students as Canadians and nothing else. According to Wikipedia, Canada is no better historically than other countries so maybe I am wrong. I guess I just have to continue to keep this on my mind and ensure I continue to treat my students with great respect. Here is a link to the Wikipedia information I found.



Brookfield – Chapter 1/2

In reading chapter one of Brookfield I found myself feeling so relieved. I have taken on the college instructor adventure with no formal training until I began the PIDP course in September 2016. Before that I had taught for two years by flying by the seat of my pants! I have 26 years in the field that I teach but no one taught me how to share that experience with the students. There were days when I felt I should quit, there were days when I felt I should be fired and there were days when I felt like I could conquer the world [these were few and far between]. So as I read Brookfield’s first chapter I find comfort in his words. I have gain a great deal of knowledge since beginning the PIDP course and I look forward the sharing that knowledge when I begin teaching in September. I especially like the speech on page 4 that he address his class for not joining the discussion. I will for sure mention something like this with my classes. I found an article that has some great “discussion” tips.